Release 10.16

This readme includes improvements, usage notes, known and resolved issues implemented for the B2B 10.16 release.

What's New B2B user interface enhancements B2B connector enhancements on Integration

Customer Actions Required

SSL/TLS Certificate Update

SSL/TLS certificates for Integration and B2B will expire on March 29, 2023. If you are currently using SSL/TLS certificates with Integration and B2B, download the updated certificates from the specified location below and replace your existing certificates before March 29, 2023.

If you do not update your certificates before March 29, 2023, your 2-way SSL transactions will fail and you might experience an SSL handshake error. Root and intermediate certificates remain unchanged.

Azure cloud regions US2, EU3, AU1: Download certificates

Usage Notes

The following functionalities have certain restrictions in B2B system:

Software AG Cloud Region Sample URL
US1 Oregon AWS
US2 East Azure
EU2 Frankfurt AWS
EU3 West Azure
AU1 Australia East Azure

Known Issues

This section lists any issues for the current release that were known when this readme was published:

Resolved Issues

This section lists any issues that were resolved as part of this release:

Resolved Issue Description
BOC-15682 The user interface turns unresponsive when a partner-specific certificate is added from the partner-360 page.
BOC-16945 When the service execution on B2B connector app on Integration fails, a generic message to contact support appeared on the Monitoring log. The generic message made it difficult to identify the cause and fix the issue. Now, an actual error message appears upon failure.