Release 10.11

This readme includes improvements, usage notes, and known and resolved issues that have been implemented for the B2B 10.11 release.


Component Description
Drummond TM certification All AS2 communication is Drummond TM certified starting B2B version 10.11 or higher.
TLS 1.3 Outbound Support B2B can now make outbound calls with TLS1.3 protocol.
For more information on the list of supported ciphers, see Supported TLS Versions and Cipher Suites.
Reconciling FAs and downloading the FA report You can now reconcile the Functional Acknowledgements (FAs) that B2B records. You can also download a report of reconciled Functional Acknowledgement (FA) transactions, see Reconciling Functional Acknowledgement.
Support for qualifier 16 in UN/EDIFACT business documents You can now add a qualifier with value set to 16 for the UN/EDIFACT documents.

Usage Notes

The following functionalities have certain restrictions in B2B system:

Known Issues

This section lists any issues for the current release that were known when this readme was published:

Resolved Issues

This section lists any issues that were resolved as part of this release:


This section provides information on the fixes for B2B v10.11.

Issue ID Release Date Region Description
BOC-15085 May 14, 2022
May 15, 2022
EU2 Frankfurt AWS
US1 Oregon AWS
You can prevent spurious execution of integrations by using the $duplicate attribute in the attributes list parameter available in all the requests that B2B makes to Integration when invoking any FlowService through a processing rule. If the value of $duplicate attribute is true then the document is identified as duplicate else the value is false.
BOC-14979 May 14, 2022
May 15, 2022
EU2 Frankfurt AWS
US1 Oregon AWS
A security enhancement is made to avoid vulnerabilities in third-party software from affecting B2B.
BOC-15108 May 14, 2022
May 15, 2022
EU2 Frankfurt AWS
US1 Oregon AWS B2B duplicates the document processing for services invoked through Cloud Container to B2B due to the retry mechanism implemented for stale connection errors, for connections in Integration Server connection pool. The issue occurs only when the invocation takes more than a minute to respond and fails with a timeout error. This is interpreted as a stale connection error.