Partner Portal (Beta)

Understanding Partner Portal (Beta)

Partner Portal (Beta) is a single web-based self-service interface for faster onboarding, transaction monitoring, and configuring communication details between you and your enterprise.

Partner Portal (Beta) provides features that support an enterprise’s effort to onboard and manage its partners.
Partner Portal (Beta) allows you to do the following:

Logging and Getting Started

Log in to Partner Portal (Beta) with the URL and username you received in the email, from your enterprise. Set a new password for it.

In Partner Portal (Beta), go to Get Started to configure contacts and addresses, identities, certificates, and endpoints in the wizard and click Done.

Click icon to add or modify an asset and Save.
Your enterprise partner receives a request to validate the details you updated on the Partner Portal (Beta).

The default contact details are retrieved from the details you provided during the onboarding process.

My Account

Click icon to view your account information.

My Account provides a detailed summary of the following:

Points to note:

My Feed

My Feed gives a detailed summary of the following:

You can also track your most recent activities in My recent activities section.

To View and Monitor Transactions

You can search, view, and monitor transactions on the Transaction page.

To view a summary of your transactions with your enterprise click View transactions summary here on the My Feed page. Apply the appropriate filter on the Transaction page to view the transactions. Select one of the following options:

To monitor your transactions, click icon on the Transactions page. Your transactions appear in the Transaction visualization widget.

Transaction visualization widget shows a bar graph display of transactions for the selected period. The X-axis denotes the date. Depending on the number of days for which the data is available. The range is calculated by dividing the total number of days for which the data is available by six. For example, if data is available from 1/05/2020 to 30/05/2020 (total of 30 days), then each group in the X-axis has six days starting from 1/05/2020-5/05/2020 and so on. The Y-axis displays the total number of transactions for that date range. The legend is as follows:

To view specific categories of transactions (success, failed, or in progress), click on the legend for that category.

Tip: To view the time of a particular transaction, hover over the graph area for that transaction.

Points to note: