Release 10.15

Explore the release highlights, usage notes, and known issues for API Gateway 10.15.


New Items

New Item Description
Bulkhead pattern support in API Gateway Support to specify the maximum number of concurrent requests processed by:
  • an API at API level
  • all APIs (Global level - The specified number applies to each API under the Global policy)
    When the specified number of concurrent requests exceeds the specified limit, the excess requests are rejected. In such scenarios, the corresponding transaction events and the policy violation events are generated.
Enhancements to Upgrade Support for automatic or self-service upgrades to the next major version for customers under the new contract from 10.12 Fix 3 version onwards. In the API Gateway versions, 10.12 Fix 3 and above, the Fix management section on the About page displays information about two latest versions. API Gateway UI enables you to choose and upgrade to a version of your choice.
Enhancements to observability, monitoring, and reliability The continuous chaos testing and soak testing for performance reliability, use of observability and telemetry tools, and automation of CI-CD for building and refreshing product images multiple times a day without any issues contributed to improvements in the following areas: stability, reliability, operational monitoring, and CI-CD.

Removed Items

Removed Item Description
Building Custom Dashboards functionality is removed from API Gateway Alternatively, you can configure an external Elastic search destination and build your own dashboards using Kibana.
The Invoke webMethods IS policy is removed from the Request and Response processing stages and from the properties of the Request and Response Transformation policies.

Documentation Changes

The content in existing sections is restructured and moved to align with function-wise information segregation and for ease of discovery.

Starting this release, API Gateway help has the following sections:

Usage Notes

This section provides any additional information that you need, to work with API Gateway.

The following functionalities have certain restrictions in webMethods API Gateway instance on cloud: