Upgrade and Fix Management

API Gateway UI enables you to upgrade to the latest fix. When a new fix is released, it shows up in the About page of API Gateway.

In the API Gateway versions, 10.12 Fix 3 and above, the Fix management section on the About page displays information about two latest versions. API Gateway UI enables you to choose and upgrade to a version of your choice.

Note: To upgrade to 10.15 version from 10.12 Fix 1 or 2, contact Software AG Support.

From 10.12 Fix 3, SoftwareAG provides automatic upgrades to the next major version for customers under the new contract. As per the new contract, you must upgrade to the latest major version within 60 days from the release date. The API Gateway UI alerts you about the latest major version upgrade every time you log in. In addition, Software AG sends a reminder email once on the 30th and every day from the 45th day to upgrade. Finally, when the 60 days grace period expires, Software AG automatically upgrades your tenant to the latest major version.

Note: You can schedule upgrade to minor versions (fixes) at your convenience. Minor version upgrades do not have a grace period.

To perform any upgrade, you must be an API Gateway Administrator.

Upgrading to a new version

To perform any upgrade, you must be an API Gateway Administrator.

To upgrade to a new version

  1. Click from the title bar and select About.
    You can view the Product information section and Fix management section in the About page. The Product information section has the edition name and the current version of your API Gateway.

  2. In the Fix Management section, you can view the following details on the next available fix:

    • Version number. The version number of the next available fix is displayed.
      In the API Gateway versions 10.12 Fix 3 and above, you can view two latest versions in the drop down. You can choose and upgrade to the version of your choice.

    • Readme document. The Readme document of the next fix is available for download.
      You can download the Readme document by clicking the link Click here to download. In the API Gateway versions 10.12 Fix 3 and above, You can download the Readme document of the version you choose.

  3. Click Schedule upgrade.

  4. In the Schedule upgrade section, perform the following:

    a. Click Date and select a date for the upgrade.
    The selected date lies within the next 15 days.
    You can select the date within the 60-day grace period if you are in the new contract from 10.12 Fix 3 onwards.

    b. Click Time and select a time when the upgrade should be done.
    The immediate time available for selection is one hour later than the present time. You cannot schedule the upgrade during the restricted time frame, which is 9:30 PM to 12:30 AM UTC, due to internal maintenance.

    c. In the Email IDs field, type email addresses of the personnel to be notified when the upgrade is scheduled and click .
    You can add multiple email addresses to be notified.

  5. Click Save.
    The schedule is listed in the schedule table. You can edit or delete the schedule by clicking on the appropriate action icons.

    Software AG sends an email about the upgrade scheduled, upgrade initiation and upgrade completion to tenant owners and respective email addresses.

    Note: At a time, only one upgrade operation is allowed.