Data anonymization


Data protection laws and regulations, such as the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) requires specific handling of user’s personal data, even after a user is removed. Additionally, employees or other clients with user accounts on Developer Portal may request that any user identifying information such as user name, email addresses, or client IP addresses be removed from Developer Portal.

When a user is deleted from Developer Portal, the audit events retain the information about the user, which should be deleted or anonymized.

When you anonymize user data, the corresponding user name is replaced with anonymous in all applicable instances of the UI.

You can anonymize user data automatically or manually as follows:

How do I enable or disable automatic anonymization of deleted user data through Developer Portal UI?

This section explains the steps to enable automatic anonymization of deleted user accounts.

To enable automatic anonymization user data using UI

  1. Click the menu options icon from the title bar and click Administration.

  2. Click General.

  3. Select Enable automatic user anonymization if not selected.

    This is selected by default. Clearing the check box disables automatic anonymization.

  4. Click Save.

    Your configurations are saved.

How do I anonymize the deleted user data using REST API?

This section describes the REST API used to anonymize the deleted user accounts. You can use the REST API for anonymizing user accounts in bulk.

After you delete a user account, you must wait for a minimum of ten minutes to perform anonymization. This is to ensure that the background operations related to user account removal is completed before the anonymization.

To anonymize user data using REST API

Make a REST call with the required list of user names to the following endpoint:

PUT /users/anonymize

You can provide the list of user accounts within quotes like shown here:


The specified user accounts are anonymized.