Why do Organizations Expose APIs?

Organizations often lack the resources to support mobile Bring Your Own Device (BYOD), supply chain, or eCommerce initiatives. By opening a set of APIs to external developers, organizations can reduce costs, expand the reach of their products or services, and create new channels of revenue in the following ways:

Why do APIs Need to be Managed?

The APIs that an organization exposes contain core assets the organization would want to protect. As with the services they support, these APIs have a life cycle, need to be managed and governed, and require mediation and security at run time.

From an API provider’s perspective, an API management tool is needed that enables the provider to do the following:

From an API consumer’s perspective, an API management tool should provide the ability to:

What is webMethods Developer Portal?

webMethods Developer Portal is a web-based, self-service portal that enables an organization to securely expose APIs to external developers, partners, and other consumers for use in building their own applications on their desired platforms.

webMethods Developer Portal provides the following features:

The webMethods API management suite products include the following:

The following diagram illustrates the Developer Portal communication flow between API Gateway and Developer Portal.