Release 10.12

Explore the release highlights and usage notes for Developer Portal.


New Items

New Item Description
Gainsight integration Developer Portal is integrated with Gainsight Javascript SDK to enable the data collection of Developer Portal usage information.
Role-based access for custom pages The Customization feature is enhanced. As an administrator, you can assign or remove permissions, to certain users, for a custom page by selecting the required privilege, community, groups, or individual users.
Audit events logs in UI A new screen, Events log, is introduced to display the list of audit events that are recorded as a part of the lifecycle of Developer Portal objects like API, Packages, Applications, and so on.
Enterprise Disaster Recovery Support Developer Portal offers Enterprise Disaster Recovery support for Azure cloud hosting.

Usage Notes

This section provides any additional information that you need, to work with Developer Portal.

Known Issues

This section lists the issues for this release that were known when this readme was published.

API policies are not displaying for imported OpenAPI.
Security policy information available in OpenAPI specification as part of securitySchemes are not displaying in API details page.

Algorithm None is supported in access token.
JWT supports the usage of none algorithm for use-cases where the integrity of the claim within JWT is already verified by other means. This vulnerability can be exploited by attackers.