What's API Gateway

webMethods API Gateway enables an organization to securely expose APIs to external developers, partners, and other consumers for use in building their own applications on their desired platforms.

It provides a dedicated, web-based user interface to perform all the administration and API related tasks such as creating APIs, defining and activating policies, creating applications, and consuming APIs. API Gateway gives you rich dashboard capabilities for API Analytics.

APIs created in API Gateway can also be published to API Portal for external facing developers’ consumption. webMethods API Gateway supports REST-based APIs and SOAP-based APIs, provides protection from malicious attacks, provides a complete run-time governance of APIs, and information about gateway-specific events and API-specific events.

API Gateway Features

API Gateway provides these key features:

Tenant Management

Software AG provisions API Cloud in two different platforms based on your geographical location:

Configuring the Number of APIs listed on a Page

You can configure the number of APIs that get listed per page in the Manage APIs or the Manage applications page. In each of these pages, you can use the pagination bar at the bottom of the page to navigate from one page to another, the first page, or the last page when there are more than 20 APIs in the list. To change the number of APIs listed in a page, select the required number in the Show # results per page field in the pagination bar at the bottom of the page. The API list now displays only those many APIs in one page as specified. For example, if you select Show 10 results per page, only 10 APIs are listed in one page.

This configuration that you change through the drop down is maintained as long as you are logged in to API Gateway.

The value is set in the drop down is applicable for both APIs and applications listing. For example, if you change the show results to 10 in the Manage APIs drop down, then the number is retained for Manage applications page as well.

Using Help

API Gateway’s built-in context-sensitive help gives an overview of the functionality of API Gateway.

You can access API Gateway Help link by expanding the menu options icon icon , in the title bar and selecting Help. This opens the introduction to the webMethods API Gateway page in the help system. You can browse the required topics in the navigation pane. Click on a topic to display the detailed information. You will also find the help links in the form of a help icon icon on several pages of the API Gateway user interface. Click the help icon icon on the page to view the corresponding detailed information.

Managing Upgrades and Fixes

API Gateway UI enables you to upgrade to the latest fix. When a new fix is released, it shows up in the About page of API Gateway.

To perform any upgrade , you must be an API Gateway Administrator.

Note: To upgrade to the latest major version, contact Software AG support.

Upgrading to a new fix version

To upgrade to a new fix version:

  1. Click from the title bar and select About.
    You can view the Product information section and Fix management section in the About page. The Product information section has the edition name and the current version of your API Gateway.

  2. In the Fix Management section, you can view the following details on the next available fix:

    • Version number. The version number of the next available fix is displayed.

    • Readme document. Download the Readme document of the next available fix by clicking the link Click here to download.

  3. Click Schedule upgrade.

  4. In the Schedule upgrade section, perform the following:

    a. Click Date and select a date for the upgrade.
    The selected date lies within the next 15 days.

    b. Click Time and select a time when the upgrade should be done.
    The immediate time available for selection is one hour later than the present time. You can not schedule the upgrade during the restricted time frame, which is 9:30 PM to 12:30 AM UTC due to internal maintenance.

    c. In the Email IDs field, type email addresses of the personnel to be notified when the upgrade is scheduled and click .
    You can add multiple email addresses to be notified.

  5. Click Save.
    The schedule is listed in the schedule table. You can edit or delete the schedule by clicking on the appropriate action icons. Software AG sends an email about the upgrade scheduled, upgrade initiation and upgrade completion to tenant owners and respective email addresses.

    Note: At a time, only one upgrade operation is allowed.