Release 10.11

Explore the release highlights and usage notes for API Gateway.


New Items

New Item Description
GraphQL support GraphQL API type can be managed in API Gateway.
Trace and Replay support for API Calls With Trace API support, the complete life cycle can be monitored for any runtime requests within API Gateway.
API calls can be traced and inspected at granular level.
For GA, the number of supported policy actions are limited. More policy actions will be supported in the upcoming fixes.
Proof Key for Code Exchange Support Support for PKCE to secure OAuth 2.0 public clients that use the Authorization Code Grant.

Changed Items

Changed Item Description
Enhancements to SOAP to REST transformation SOAP to REST transformation feature is enhanced with the following:
  • Schema validation enhancements
  • SOAP Operation handling in JSON responses
  • Single node Array handling
Enhancements to API Monetization API Monetization feature is enhanced with the following:
  • REST API for monetization included
  • Supports meta data changes
  • Hot edit of packages and plans
  • Notifications for quota breach scenarios
Enhancements to SSO implementation SSO implementation is enhanced with the following:
  • SSO configuration and generation of Service Provider metadata is simplified
  • Supports user attributes mapping
  • Avoids multiple restarts while enabling SSO configuration
Policy Label Monitor Level Agreement policy label is shortened to Monitor SLA

Deprecated Items

Deprecated Item Replacement, if any
Transaction Alert settings under Administration > General Configuration, API usage details dashboard and API usage Report details under API Gateway Analytics dashboard are deprecated and will be removed in future releases. Alternatively, you can use webMethods Metering console to understand the transactions usage and quota.

Usage Notes

This section provides any additional information that you need, to work with API Gateway.

This release is based on the 10.11 on-premise release.

The following functionalities have certain restrictions in webMethods API Gateway instance on cloud: