Release 10.11

Explore the release highlights and usage notes for Developer Portal.


New Items

Explore the release highlights for Developer Portal.

New Item Description
  • Support to import REST and SOAP APIs.
    • REST API import using Swagger, Open API, and RAML.
    • SOAP API import using WSDL.
  • Support to publish REST, SOAP, and OData APIs.
  • Options to filter, view, APIs, and API details from the API gallery page.
  • Support to edit API definition and details.
  • Support to version APIs.
  • Support to tryout APIs.
Administration configurations
  • Options to specify following user onboarding configurations:
    • LDAP
    • SAML
    • OAuth
    • Native user registration
  • Options to configure the following settings:
    • SMTP settings
    • User account settings
    • Email notification templates configuration
Webhooks Support to create and manage webhooks to notify external systems about the events that are generated in Developer Portal.
Providers Add and manage different kind of providers like API Gateway providers and other external providers.
Themes Support to customize the UI as per the customers requirement via the Developer Portal UI, web components, or using REST APIs.
  • Support to organize and group different users and APIs to control the access of assets.
  • Option to assign default user community to new users.
  • Option to add or remove users from communities.
  • To manage consumer applications and APIs associated with them.
  • Support to request the required tokens for the APIs published by API providers and test the API resources.
API Gateway integration Support to publish APIs, Plans, and Packages from API Gateway.
Analytics Dashboards for good insights on various topics like User analytics, API trends, API and Application analytics.
Documentation Changes The following artifact is introduced for Developer Portal 10.11:
  • webMethods Developer Portal User Guide: This guide describes how you can customize and administer Developer Portal to effectively allow users to onboard.

Usage Notes

This section provides any additional information that you need, to work with Developer Portal.

This release is based on the 10.11 on-premise release.

Known Issues

This section lists the issues for this release that were known when this readme was published.

Vulnerable 3rd Party Component Elasticsearch used.
Vulnerable elasticsearch-core-7.12.1.jar is used. The safe version to use is 7.14.0.

DPO-39 - [Responsiveness]
Header is breaking on small screen.
Header section of Developer Portal is broken, when accessed from smaller screens like mobile devices.

Algorithm None is supported in access token.
JWT supports the usage of ‘none’ algorithm for use-cases where the integrity of the claim within JWT is already verified by other means. This vulnerability can be exploited by attackers.