Project Parameters

With Parameter, you can bind a particular key (identifier) with a value. It allows you to add custom key-value pairs for your project which can be used inside any workflow of that project. This eliminates the need to enter a particular value over and over again. 

So, for instance, if you define a project parameter with Email as its key, and as its value, you do not have to type the whole email ID in the input field when you configure an action in the workflow. You can simply insert the project parameter as input by clicking on the name of the parameter.

Adding Parameters

To add a project parameter, navigate to the project in which you want to add a parameter click Configurations, and click Parameters.


Here, you can view the list of existing parameters defined for this project. To add a new parameter, click +New Parameter button.


In the pop-up window that appears, enter the following details:

Name: Provide a suitable name for the project parameter.

Value: Provide a value for the project parameter. 

Mark as mandatory: You can optionally mark the specified parameter as mandatory. For such parameters, Integration, on executing a workflow, will check if the value of the parameter is available. If the value is not available, the workflow execution will not be completed successfully. Hence, if you mark any parameter as mandatory, it must have a value.

Set as Password Field: You can optionally mark the specified parameter as a password field, thereby hiding the value of the parameter.

Once this is done, click Create.

This will add the newly created parameter in the project parameter list under the Parameters tab.


You can alternatively add project parameters from the Workflow Settings panel as well.

To do so, open any workflow, click the Workflow Settings icon located at the top-right corner of the canvas, and select Parameters option in the window that appears.


Click on the icon located beside the existing parameter (if no parameter exists, you will see blank input fields for name and value along with the + icon). 


Provide the relevant key-value inputs and click on the vertical ellipsis icon to mark the parameter as mandatory and/or set it as a password field. Once this is done, click Save.

Using Parameters

Once you have defined the parameters for the project, you can use it in any workflow under that project. To do so, open the workflow action in which you want to use the parameter. For the purpose of this example, we will use the parameter in the Send an Email action.

When you open the action configuration window, you can see the Project Parameter(s) listed on the left-side of the window. You need to simply drag and drop (or select) the parameter in the relevant field.


After this, configure the rest of the workflow as you would normally do and Save it.

Now, whenever this workflow is executed, the value of the email key will be automatically populated in the To field of the Send an Email action.

Editing Parameters

You can edit the defined parameters.

To do so, navigate to Projects > Configurations > Parameters tab and locate the parameter you want to edit.

Click on the vertical ellipsis icon given against the parameter name and select Edit Parameter.


Make the required changes in the window that appears, and click Update.


This will update the specified parameter.

Deleting Parameters

You can delete the defined parameters from your projects. 

To do so, navigate to Projects > Configurations > Parameters and locate the parameter you want to delete. 

Click on the vertical ellipsis icon given against the parameter name and click Delete.


This will permanently delete the selected parameter.
If the parameter you are trying to delete is being used in any workflow, you will see a dialogue box when you click on Delete.


In such a case, you will need to remove the parameter from the specified workflow(s) first, before you can delete it permanently.