Alert Rules

The Alert Rules feature lets you send custom notifications to specific recipients when certain event(s) occur during workflow execution. This will help you keep relevant users updated about the status of workflow executions.

Adding Alert Rules

To add a new alert rule, navigate to tenant homescreen > Monitor > Alert Rules.


Click on +New Alert Rule button to create a new alert rule. A new window will appear on screen. Here, enter the details as given below:

Provide a suitable name for the alert rule.

Enter a short description for the alert rule.

Select Workflows:
Here, you will find the list of all projects and their associated workflows. From this list, select the workflow(s) for which you want to create the alert rule. For example, Demo and Sample.

Select Event:
Select the event(s) for which you want to set the alert rule. For example, Failed and Timeout.

Add Users:
Enter the email IDs of the users you want to send the alert notification to when the specified event(s) occur. For example,


Once you have entered these details, click Add. This will add the specified alert rule for your tenant.

After this, whenever the Demo workflow fails or timeouts during execution, an alert notification will be sent to the email ID.

Managing Alert Rules

You can view all the alert rules set for your tenant, when you click on the Alert Rules screen. Here, you can see the name of the alert rule, along with its description and status (active/inactive).

Active: You can activate or deactivate the alert rule using the Active toggle button.

Edit: You can change the alert rules settings by clicking the Edit button.

Delete: You can delete the alert rule by clicking the Delete button.