Add selection control to your workflows. Learn what is a Switch action, how it works, and how to configure it to add selection control mechanism to your workflows with the help of an example.

How to configure Switch

Project Parameters

Define project-level parameters (key-value pairs) and use pass them as in any workflow of that project. Know what are project-level parameters, how to set them up and how to delete them from your project.

Adding Parameters Using Parameters Editing Parameters Deleting Parameters


Set conditions in your workflows. Understand how the conditions work and how to set up conditions between two actions with the help of an example. Also, know the built-in conditional operators provided by webMethods.io Integration and how to use them.

Example Adding multiple filters in a single condition block Adding multiple condition blocks List of supported conditions


Execute one or more actions in loop. Learn how a loop works, how to add it to the workflow, how to configure it and how to use it in different use cases, with the help of an example.

Times Each Item

Alert Rules

Set alert rules for your projects to send notifications to specific users when a workflow fails, timeouts, or completes execution.

Adding Alert Rules Managing Alert Rules

Data Transformation with Transform

Understand how to achieve data transformation with operations supported by webMethods.io Integration.

How it Works Supported Transform Operations

Run Flow

Understand how Run Flow works and how it can be used to call one workflow from another.

How it Works Example