Tenant Settings

webMethods.io Integration allows you to centrally view and manage the settings of your tenant. Once you have logged in to your tenant, click on the tenant profile icon located at the top-right corner of the home screen, and select Settings from the list of options that appear.


You will be redirected to the tenant settings screen where you can see the following tabs:

1. My Information
2. Roles
3. Users

My Information

Click on the My Information tab to view the details about your tenant.

Email ID:
Email ID of the tenant user

Tenant Name:
Name of the tenant

Roles created for the tenant

Current subscription plan of the tenant

Developer key:
Developer key associated with the tenant. You can copy this key using the Copy icon or can regenerate it by clicking the Generate Token button.



A role is a set of permissions. When you assign a role to any user, the role’s permissions are assigned to the user. This tab lets you view the list of existing roles and create new roles for your tenant. Only the tenant owner and admin have access to this screen.


webMethods.io Integration provides two default roles:

1. Admin: Can manage users, roles and projects in the tenant. The owner of the tenant is assigned this role by default.
2. Developer: Can manage all projects of your tenant

The default roles cannot be edited or deleted from a tenant.

Creating new roles

You can also create custom roles for your tenant. To do so, click on the + New Role button given on the top-left side of the Roles screen. A new Add Role window will appear where you will be prompted to provide the following details:


Role Name:
Provide a unique name for the role you want to create.

Provide a short description of the role. This description will be displayed beside the role name in the roles list.

Select Project:
Specify the projects that are accessible under this role, by selecting the checkboxes given against the projects names. You can either look for the projects manually or use the search box.

Note: The default project will always be accessible to all the roles by default.

Once you have entered these details, click on the Done button. This will create a new role.

Editing or deleting custom roles

You can also edit or delete a custom role. To do so, navigate to tenant profile icon> Settings > Roles.


You will see a list of existing roles associated with your tenant. Locate the custom role you want to edit/delete and click on the vertical ellipsis icon given against the custom role name. You will see two options: Edit and Delete using which you can modify the custom role or delete it.


This tab lets you view the existing users (along with the assigned roles) of the tenant and invite new users. Only the tenant owner and admin has access to this screen. To view the list of existing users, navigate to tenant profile icon> Settings > Users.


Editing user roles

You can also change the current role assigned to a specific user. To do so, click on the vertical ellipsis icon given against the name of the user and select Edit. The Edit User Role window will appear.


Assign Roles: This drop down list contains all the roles created for the tenant. You can select multiple roles from this list and assign them to the specified user.

After you have made the relevant changes, click Done. This will change the role assigned to the user.