Audit Logs

The Audit Log section maintains a record of all the activities performed by the user. It keeps track of the tasks and changes performed by the users of your tenant. It maintains a history of all the actions that are performed within a tenant, including details such as the type of action performed, the user performing the action, and date/time.


Using Filters in Audit Logs

You can apply project, workflow, or alert-rule specific filters on the audit logs to retrieve specific logs.

Audit logs associated with a specific time frame

You can view audit logs for a certain timeframe using the time picker given at the right-side of the Audit Logs screen. Here, you can specify the start and end date to fetch the audit logs created between them.


Audit logs associated with specific projects, workflows, and alert rules type

You can filter workflow logs based on project names, workflow names, and alert rules. To do so, simply select the relevant project/workflow/alert rule and click Apply. This will fetch the audit logs associated with the specified filter(s).