Tenant settings

Get familiar with various settings of your webMethods.io Integration tenant. Learn how to define roles for your tenant and add users to tenant.

My Information Roles Users


Select container size to control the execution speed of your workflows. Understand what a container is and how to select container size for the workflow execution.

Activity Logs

View the sequence of activities related to a workflow execution. Know how to access workflow execution specific logs and see log details for each workflow trigger and actions. 

Access workflow execution specific logs from canvas Access all workflow related logs from the 'Activity Logs' page


Get a quick overview of the credits usage for your account. Learn how the credit addition and consumption works, get graphical information on your monthly or daily credits.

Monthly credits usage indicator Line graph

Audit Logs

Get the details on the set of activities performed in your tenant account. Understand how to access tenant audit logs and how to apply filters to retrieve specific activity details.

Using Filters in Audit Logs